Crfreegems Tips & Tricks: You need to collect and fill all the slots with silver or gold chests Unlock all the chests without opening them Unlock the first chest, then the second and so on I suggest you to unlock the gold chest during the night time Finally the next day you’ll have all the chests unlocked The most important thing is that you MUST NOT play for a day or better two So you need to leave Clash Royale with all the chests unlocked without playing for one or two days Remember DON’T PLAY and DON’T OPEN the chests The next day or two days later I didn’t play and it worked.

CrFreeGems Online Hack

But I don’t know if playing without receiving chests you’ll have the same result The first time it happened to me by chance The second time I tried it because I want to try it again I opened Clash Royale just for giving cards in my clan I didn’t play for a day and so I left the game with the all the slots filled with chests When I decided to play I unlocked all the chests I didn’t find anything in the chests.

Crfreegems Only some epic cards.



Nothing special! I opened them all After doing that you can play a match I discovered that if you win the FIRST match you’ll get a MAGICAL CHEST or similar For me this is a 100% working method Try again if you don’t get the chest but as I said before I tried it two times and it worked RECAP: fill the slots with chests, unlock the chests without opening them.

Don’t play for one or two days The next day open all the chests and WIN the first match As you can see I found a SUPER MAGICAL CHEST with using this method If you win all the other matches you’ll have other special chests.


CrFreeGems Online Hack

If you lose the second match you’ll have lots of silver chests Don’t worry about it! Repeat all the steps and play again when it’s the time.

As you can see the first time that all the thing happened to me by chance I had a MAGICAL, EPIC and LEGENDARY chests The second time that I tried this method I had a SUPER MAGICAL CHEST that I’ll unlock in another chest opening video I decided to share this method with all of you TRY it! It doesn’t cost a thing! Tell me if you liked the video.

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